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Who Is a Candidate for Gastric Sleeve Plication?

By Jacqueline Osuna, MD on September 05, 2017

An obese man thinkingGastric sleeve plication is a type of weight loss surgery procedure in which the size of the stomach is reduced. Rather than surgically removing part of the stomach as in a traditional gastric sleeve procedure, a fold is created and the stomach is sutured with that internal fold in place. This helps shrink the size of the stomach, reducing the amount of calories that can be consumed in a single sitting and helping facilitate rapid yet safe weight loss.

Many people who come to our Tijuana bariatric surgery center have questions about the ideal procedure for their needs. Let's cover some of the basics when it comes to gastric sleeve plication candidacy.

General Candidacy for Gastric Sleeve Plication

Good candidates for gastric sleeve plication are people who are obese and have a compelling reason to lose weight. They should have attempted to lose weight through natural means (i.e., diet and exercise) for a year with limited results, and/or suffer from comorbidities associated with obesity, such as hypertension, diabetes, and so forth.

While the gastric sleeve plication is not as invasive as other bariatric procedures, it's important that patients be healthy enough to undergo surgery without experiencing serious medical results or complications.

BMI and Gastric Sleeve Plication

Most candidates for gastric sleeve plication will have a body mass index (BMI) or 30 to 40. This covers the general BMI range for obesity. If a patient has a BMI of 40 or greater (extreme obesity), a different kinds of weight loss procedure may be more ideal. People who suffer from extreme obesity will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis to determine which bariatric procedure would meet their needs.

Understanding the Risks and Benefits of the Surgery

Before undergoing any sort of surgery, it's important for patients to understand the risks and well as the benefits of the procedure. This will help patients make an informed decision about their weight loss surgery.

Realistic Expectations About Gastric Sleeve Plication

All bariatric surgery patients need to have realistic expectations about the nature of gastric sleeve plication, the rate of their weight loss, and what must be done on their part to help ensure lasting results. By having realistic expectations about the nature of weight loss surgery, patient satisfaction can be increased.

Understanding the Lifestyle Changes After Surgery

After undergoing gastric sleeve plication, patients will need to adjust to a new diet, develop healthy exercise habits, and face some other types of personal lifestyle changes associated with weight loss surgery.

These changes can be a struggle early on, which is why we take time to discuss these matters during the consultation process. Knowing what life is like after surgery gets you ready for leading a healthier and more fulfilling life.

Learn More About Gastric Sleeve Plication

To learn more about gastric sleeve plication and how it can help you achieve your health and weight loss goals, be sure to contact an experienced bariatric surgeon today. We look forward to your visit and discussing these topics with you in much greater detail.

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