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Bariatric Surgery Addresses the Common Causes of Obesity

By Jacqueline Osuna, MD on July 10, 2017

Obese individualWhile most people would benefit from losing ten to fifteen pounds, many patients are considered to be medically obese and have a significant amount of weight to lose. When a person is obese, it can be very difficult to shed pounds through traditional diet and exercise methods.

Dr. Jacqueline Osuna offers bariatric surgery to help obese patients lose a significant amount of weight and regain their overall health. Bariatric surgery reduces the size of the stomach to limit food and calorie intake for patients. Bariatric surgery addresses the most common causes of obesity for our Tijuana, MX and Guadalajara, MX patients so that it is easier for them to achieve an ideal weight and lead a healthier lifestyle.

Causes of Obesity

Mathematically, weight comes down to the ratio between the number of calories the body ingests and the amount of energy it expends. If a person takes in more calories than are burned through exercise or other activities, weight will increase. Obesity describes a person who is significantly overweight, or someone who has a BMI of 30 or higher.

If a person is obese, there are likely to be many contributing factors. The most common causes of obesity include:

  • Overeating: The more food a person eats, the more work the body will need to burn off the calories. If a person regularly overeats, it will be difficult for them to maintain an active enough lifestyle to compensate for the number of calories being ingested by the body.
  • Inactive lifestyle: Activity is equally important when it comes to body weight. Even if a person is selective about what they eat and tries to maintain a healthy diet, it needs to be balanced out by some level of physical activity. A sedentary lifestyle contributes to weight gain.
  • Genetics: Although the balance between food intake and energy output is the greatest contributor to obesity, genetics also plays a role. Individuals with a family history of obesity are more likely to suffer from the condition themselves. Additionally, there are certain genetic factors and diseases that increase the risk of obesity.

Each of these factors, individually, can contribute to weight gain, but it is often a combination of these causes that results in the excessive weight gain that is known as obesity.

Bariatric Surgery for Obesity

Bariatric surgery offers a safe and effective method for losing weight. There are a number of bariatric techniques for patients to consider. Each of these procedures reduces the size of the stomach to decrease the amount of food that can be consumed in one sitting. Some techniques go even further by altering the digestive tract so that fewer calories and nutrients are absorbed by the body. In doing so, bariatric surgery addresses overeating, one of the leading causes of obesity.

Bariatric surgery patients can lose a lot of weight in a short period of time. As weight is lost, most patients find that it is easier to get around and participate in physical activities, which addresses another common cause of obesity, an inactive lifestyle. As exercise and activity are introduced, patients find that it is even easier to continue to lose weight and maintain a healthy body weight.

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If you are obese and have become frustrated by failed attempts to lose weight, bariatric surgery may be the ideal solution. Contact us at your earliest convenience to learn more about the various bariatric surgery techniques offered by Dr. Jacqueline Osuna.

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