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The Reasons for Undergoing Revision Bariatric Surgery

By Jacqueline Osuna, MD on April 05, 2017

Surgeons operating on a patientWith the rise of bariatric surgery in recent years and the benefits of medical tourism, many patients from the United States have come to our practice in search of effective and affordable weight loss procedures. With three convenient locations in Mexico (two in Tijuana and one in Guadalajara), we have plenty of options to promote wellness.

Sometimes patients come to us not for an initial weight loss surgery but rather a corrective procedure known as revision bariatric surgery. Let's take a moment to define what this is and some common reasons it may be performed.

What Is Revision Bariatric Surgery?

Revision bariatric surgery refers to a secondary or corrective procedure that is intended to address issues with a previous bariatric surgery. In other words, this is not a part of the initial surgical weight loss treatment but rather a way of addressing complications or problems that are the result of the initial weight loss procedure.

Revision for Too Little Weight Loss

Sometimes after undergoing weight loss surgery, a patient does not experience as much weight loss as originally planned. The best way to promote additional weight loss may be to revise the initial surgery. This could mean making adjustments to the stomach size to further reduce calorie consumption, or it may mean changing the nature of the entire surgery. Though their sample size was small, this was the most common reason for revision surgery according to a study published by Annals of Surgical Treatment and Research in 2014.

Revision for Complications After Surgery

Another reason why revision bariatric surgery may be considered has to do with post-operative complications. Sometimes infection, leakage, or other problems with the surgery require some form of professional correction. These procedures can also prompt further weight loss, though generally they're focused on improving overall wellness.

Revision for Dangerous Weight Loss

In very rare instances, patients may be losing too much weight after their bariatric surgery. There is also a chance of your diet after weight loss surgery having adverse effects on your overall wellness. These kinds of revisions either adjust the surgery to ensure safer weight loss or they reverse the surgery entirely. In some cases, the latter can be quite difficult.

Options for Surgical Revision

There are numerous options for bariatric surgery revision, though the ideal option depends on the patient and their initial bariatric procedure.

  • For patients who underwent LAP-BAND® surgery who are not helped by subsequent adjustments of the band, a gastric sleeve or gastric bypass may be recommended.

  • For patients who underwent gastric sleeve plication, a proper gastric sleeve or gastric bypass may be a more ideal option.

  • For patients who underwent an ineffective gastric sleeve operation, the procedure can be turned into a gastric bypass or a duodenal switch.

  • For patients who had a gastric bypass, the most likely revision option is often a duodenal switch.

Tailoring Treatments to Meet Your Needs

As you can see, there are plenty of options to consider if you require a revision weight loss surgery. Our team will work with you to ensure you get the right procedure to promote wellness and weight loss.

Learn more About Revision Bariatric Surgery

If you would like more information on revision bariatric surgery and other options for surgical weight loss, contact an experienced bariatric surgeon today. Our team will work with you to create a custom weight loss solution that puts you on the road to wellness.

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