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Revision Bariatric Surgery Can Help You Achieve Your Weight Loss Goals

If you underwent an unsuccessful bariatric surgery and did not achieve the results you desired, you may qualify for a revision procedure to improve your chances of success. Only highly skilled surgeons such as Dr. Jacqueline Osuna can successfully perform revision bariatric surgery. At our Guadalajara and Tijuana, MX, offices, she can correct previous bariatric surgeries so you can finally lose weight and maintain a healthier lifestyle. 

Causes for Revision Surgery

The most common reason to seek revision surgery is the failure of the previous procedure to achieve your desired results. You may have lost some weight, but not enough to improve your health. You may also have experienced complications with your previous procedure, such as movement of a LAP-BAND®, or leakage of the stomach. In some cases, revision procedures can help patients achieve the lasting changes they need to improve their health and quality of life.

Good Candidates for Revision Bariatric Surgery

You may qualify for revision surgery if you experienced a previously failed bariatric procedure and concerns such as:

  • Inability to achieve ideal weight
  • Regaining the weight you lost following your initial procedure 
  • Complications from previous procedures
  • Intolerance to certain foods

Undergoing revision surgery can increase your potential to achieve your weight loss goals and improve your health. However, it is a serious step to consider and patients should understand all their options.

illustration of a lap-band to gastric sleeve patient

If your first procedure was a LAP-BAND®, Dr. Osuna may recommend a gastric sleeve or a gastric bypass.

Revision Bariatric Surgery Options

The most important aspect of undergoing revision bariatric surgery is to ensure a skilled surgeon performs the procedure. It is likely that your first procedure was unsuccessful due to an inexperienced surgeon or undergoing the wrong procedure for your needs. Dr. Osuna has the knowledge, training, and experience to perform successful revision surgeries and maximize your weight loss potential.

The type of revision surgery you can undergo is greatly dependent on your first bariatric procedure.

  • If your first procedure was a LAP-BAND®, Dr. Osuna may recommend a gastric sleeve or a gastric bypass.
  • If you previously underwent surgery for gastric sleeve plication, your revision options may include a gastric sleeve or gastric bypass.
  • If your initial procedure was a gastric sleeve, your only revision option is gastric bypass or duodenal switch.
  • Dr. Osuna can only revise gastric bypass or duodenal switch surgery with the option to reduce the size of the pouch and/or create a distal bypass.

Only a small percentage of revisions become open surgeries, while the majority of them are performed laparoscopically.

With a successful revision surgery, you are more likely to achieve the weight loss and health improvements you expected with your initial procedure. 

Potential Risks of Revision Surgery

Revision surgery is typically more complex, so this will result in a longer hospital stay and lengthier recovery period. Working with a skilled surgeon such as Dr. Osuna can help minimize your potential risk of complications. With her years of experience and proven expertise, you can rest assured you are in capable, dedicated hands.

Find Out if You Qualify

With a successful revision surgery, you are more likely to achieve the weight loss and health improvements you expected with your initial procedure. With Dr. Osuna’s skills and expertise, she can ensure the proper revision surgery is selected so you can enjoy the full benefits of bariatric surgery. If you previously underwent bariatric surgery and did not see the results you expected, contact our bariatric team today to schedule a consultation for revision surgery with Dr. Osuna. 

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My experience with Dr. Osuna and her staff was better than I could have imagined. She was absolutely amazing...The city was beautiful and safe, the hospital was beautiful and clean, the staff were great, I could not have asked for more. Natalie P.

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