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Gastric Sleeve Surgery Recovery

Gastric sleeve surgery recovery is a process that takes about six weeks and requires following a very a specific diet and exercise plan. Dr. Jacqueline Osuna, serving Guadalajara and Tijuana, MX, is a renowned surgeon who has performed thousands of bariatric procedures. Patient education is the key to the success of bariatric surgery, and she will take measures to ensure that you are informed at every stage of treatment. By following her instructions, you can experience the many benefits of gastric sleeve surgery. 

gastric sleeve recovery

Because gastric sleeve surgery makes dramatic and permanent changes to the GI tract, patients must follow a very specific recovery protocol.

The First Two Weeks of Recovery

Following your surgery, Dr. Osuna and her team will monitor you to ensure your comfort, and provide nausea and pain management medications as needed. Patients may feel discomfort along the treatment site, described by some as being similar to the feeling of having done many sit-ups. This soreness may continue for a few days.

Although it is normal to feel fatigue following your procedure, patients are encouraged to move around within the first 24 hours. This facilitates the healing process and reduces the risk of developing blood clots. During this time, patients will start a liquid diet that will last for two weeks. Following a liquid diet is important since the stomach, which has been stapled, must heal and become strong enough to withstand the pressure of food. Patients should expect to stay in the hospital one to three days, or until they are able to comfortably digest liquids.

After being cleared to go home, patients should keep the incisions clean and covered. You should gently wash the incisions daily with soap and water (while taking care not to scrub the area) and patting it dry. It is normal to experience swelling, bruising, and some fluid discharge. Patients should contact a healthcare provider if there are signs of infection, including persistent redness, bleeding, or a change in fluid color and texture.

Most patients spend a day or two at the hospital following gastric sleeve surgery, and experience a full recovery in four to six weeks.

Two to Six Weeks after Surgery

After two weeks, most patients can return to non-strenuous work. Since everyone heals differently, some patients may go back after only a week, while others may need three weeks of downtime. For every patient, regardless of how far their home may be from our offices, Dr. Osuna will provide timely and explicit guidance when it comes to resuming work and other normal activities.

At the three-week mark, patients will be transitioned to a diet of pureed or soft foods for another week. During recovery, it is important to drink plenty of water throughout the day to avoid dehydration and allow for healthy digestion.

After about two weeks, patients can expect to be able to reintroduce some regular physical activities. Patients should engage in daily tasks like light housework or exercise to encourage blood flow, while being careful not to overexert themselves. More strenuous activity, such as jogging or riding a bicycle, should not be resumed until the doctor determines it is safe, which is usually at least a month after the operation. Most patients experience a full recovery in four to six weeks.

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Gastric sleeve surgery involves making significant changes to your gastrointestinal tract, and it is important to follow your surgeon's instructions during recovery so that you can safely experience weight loss, improved health, and other benefits. Contact us online or call one of our offices to schedule your consultation with Dr. Osuna.

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